Bronze guitar strings give guitar music more brilliance, clarity and longevity of sound than other compositions and they are a great string for those that want a little more than standard light strings, but don't want to go to medium. They have a lovely pitch and tone, and add a warm resonance.

Because they are typically sold in 0.12, 0.16, 0.25, 0.34, 0.42 and 0.54 sets, these light gauge strings for acoustic guitars sound different than other strings. Some sets are even a lighter gauge than these standards. If you are changing them out for the first time, you will want to change out the whole set of strings presently on your guitar over to the bronze guitar strings, then you can just change them one at a time after that.

Some of the bronze guitar strings are actually made of a mixed alloy, typically an 80/20 composition, and it is commonly mixed with phosphor. When winding steel strings in this bronze alloy, the strings produce deep, rich bass sounds and clear, bright trebles.

Part of the reason for their popularity and high ratings by guitar players is that they deliver great tonal value for a  longer duration of time without changing them out as often and they stay feeling clean and smooth. Other strings can become crusty and their sounds will start sounding muddy and dull a lot sooner, and thus the quality of your music suffers to the point of having to replace the strings more often. Because of this fact, they are also a good investment, since you save money on string replacements.

Many players say they'll  wipe their strings down after playing to keep the rich sounds and keep them from rusting, while others state they don't rust even though they're not wiping them down. All agree that they give a lot better quality sound than the more commonly used strings that cost three times more.

One of the features of these strings are that they are treated with an ultra thin coating. This seems to make a difference in helping to keep their tonal qualities and not having to be replaced as often, which helps in extending their effectiveness.

Even without regular maintenance, they still have an impressive lifespan, lasting more than 3-5 times longer than the more widely used strings, yet they give you the same feel and a bright tone and punch like non-coated strings. Some users report the coated strings have a slippery feel at first, but you get used to it quickly and it is worth the difference between the coated and non-coated strings.

Bronze guitar strings are available on the Internet from a number of manufacturers and most are comparable in price. It seems that the coating may be the primary difference, other than gauge differences, and that is up to the preference of the player.

They can make an old, cheap guitar that doesn't have much sound quality sound like a whole different instrument. In fact, if you have an old, cheap guitar lying around, it is worth the price just to try a set and see the difference.

A set of bronze guitar strings are pretty affordable and last so much longer than other strings, that the great sound qualities are just a bonus. Try them yourself and see the difference!

Jesse Nash is a seasoned musician that has been helping beginners to the more advanced learn to play the guitar and understand the theories and techniques involved. Jesse has almost 40 years of experience and has picked up many tips and tricks from other artist along the way, offering a wide range of programs and services to help guitar players achieve their ultimate goals. Visit [] and find out how Jesse can help you.

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